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Meet our Staff

WELCOME to The Crow Staff Page!
Below you will find flyers showcasing our Teaching Staff
and all of the Folks that Volunteer here TIRELESSLY! New Posts will be coming up shortly so please be patient and check back often! If you are interested in Becoming a Crow Volunteer GREAT, I will be adding a post on that as well but in the meantime just Call us.. I promise we wont BITE!

ZIG ZEITLER - Guitar Banjo Mandolin 
Bass Harmonica Percussion Accordion

SIUSAN OROURKE - Vocal Performance -

Workshops in Songwriting - Community Singing - History of Ballads

JIM FRENCH - Piano Keyboards

HILLARY HUEBLER - Voice and Vocal Performance Beginning Piano
MIKE CURTIS - Drums Percussion all Band instruments
NELLIE SCHRANTZ - Violin Beginning Cello
JEAN MARIE LEARMAN - Whistles - Concertina
Vocal performance

Full bios below

Zig Zeitler and Siusan O'Rourke

Co-Founders of THE WHITE CROW

Siusan ORourke and Zig Zeitler 
CoFounders of  the White Crow Conservatory of Music
in Saginaw Michigan in 2005
CoHosts of Irish Radio 
LIVE in the PUB heard on Tues 1pm Q.90.1fm
Founders of the Great Lakes Gathering
They are both touring Musicians and Teachers and 
are dedicated to not only the Education of Music 
but to the Enjoyment of MUSIC!
They wear many hats in the course of a day 
but are always first and foremost carriers of the Torch.
You can find out more about them on many fronts at
Siusan and Zig .com
LIVE in the PUB
Smokin Sleddog Records
white Crow on Facebook

Our Staff - Be nice to these Folks..we need them!

Kevin  Oz Oswald
Hard at Work

ZIG ZEITLER Master Staff

Zig Zeitler is part of our Master Staff.

He teaches all Stringed instruments as well as Harmonica, 
Percussion, and Accordion, specializing in Guitar, Banjo, Bouzouki, 
Mandolin, Bass and Ukulele.
Zig has been a full time Musician and Teacher his entire life, devoting himself 
to not only the performance of Music but to the Education of it.
He has been teaching for more than Forty Years, bringing to his students 
an unprecedented talent to share and pass on as well.
Zig has an attitude of commitment that is inspiring to any student of any age and teaches students by example that learning is a lifelong process and shares very often his own experience as a "Student" of many great players himself.
He is currently studying Mandolin under the Iconic Player, Andy Statman in New York.
With 22 CDs to his Credit,  Zig is still a Touring musician, and sporadically he can be gone for a week. When this occurs students are notified in Advance and makeup lessons are scheduled either before or after the missed date.

He is currently taking a limited amount of New Students 
for Private lessons 
and also has a limited amount of Slots 
available for Band Classes.

His teaching schedule is Tues through Thursday with occasional exceptions for Fridays.
Lesson Fee is $20 a half hour and paid by the month

SIUSAN O'ROURKE Vocal Performance - Songwriting workshops

Co founder of The White Crow
Nominated by the Irish Music Association
for the 2012 2013 2014 TOP DUO
performing in Concert and Festival,
Celtic Album of the year 2014
by Irish Radio Celtic Echos
Co Host of Irish Radio LIVE in the PUB
Founder Great Lakes Gathering

Coming to us from Brooklyn NY in the 1970s she has made Michigan her Home.
Brought up in a musical Family, and steeped in the tradition of her Immigrant Grandparents, she has been performing Irish and Roots Music across the World for 35 years.
She is an accomplished Guitarist and Exceptional Vocalist and an Award
Winning Songwriter.

Siusan tours and performs at some of the Largest Irish Venues in The US.
She has released 9 Cds among them an Americana Roots CD of Originals,
5 Irish Cds of Traditional Irish Songs and Originals as well those
that have been written in the Irish Tradition.
She is a cancer Survivor and a Cancer Activist, taking the Cancer stinks roadshow
to outlying areas of the Country to raise money for Hospices.

Siusans  teaching repetoir consists of Vocal and Performance Coaching
as well as Songwriting Sessions.
She also offers Workshops on Ballads and their Histories. She is available to anyone who wishes to hone their presentations of their Favorite Songs, Pollish their Stage Performances or anyone who wishes to learn or improve upon their Songwriting techniques.
you can find more on Siusan at
Smokin Sleddog Records
Cancer Stinks Roadshow

Open Schedule Lessons $18 Half Hour


KEVIN OSWALD is Lifelong drummer and Percussionist.
A student of Drum from a very early age and 25 years of  Drumming with various Bands performing many Genres has provided Kevin with a rich background of experience to Draw upon in the Teaching Studio.
He has a Wonderful approach with Students of All Ages and is able to take on Students that are in Every Phase of the Drumming experience regardless of the Students Genre of choice!
As a musician he has been included on COUNTLESS CDs and Recordings with bands that tour, nationally, regionally, and locally!
He has been a member of the Cajun, Zyedeco and Blues band, The Bayou Blasters that have toured  Nationally with Zig Zeitler for the past 20 years. He has drummed with Shades of Grey and is Currently performing as well with RAM JET which focuses on rock of the 60s 70s 80s and 90s.
We are very Pleased to have him on our TEACHING STAFF
Kevin is also available for Drum Set up and Tuning!
OPEN Schedule $18 Half hour


Pianist in the Making!
JIM FRENCH came to us in 2007
as a New Teacher.
Although he had been playing Piano since he himself was in Diapers, more then 50 years now,
The Crow is in fact the first Studio he has taught at and has developed quite
a schedule of Students in the last Five years.
Shocking to us, since he has turned out to be one of our Favorite Teachers by
Students of All Ages here at the Crow.
He Takes students on EVERY day of the WEEK.
He is incredibly directed at the individual Student and their Goals and is so Patient with beginners that he is also entrusted with our Youngest Students.
Making learning a Gentler experience for all!
Lesson Fee $18 a Half Hour


VOICE and VOCAL Performance

Loved by her students here at the White Crow,
Hillary is a 26 year old Saginaw native who graduated from the 
Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy in 2009 with an emphasis in voice and keyboard. 
She is a  graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Music with a bachelors degree 
in vocal performance and is planning on continuing with graduate studies next year.  
For the last few years she has been very active in the Saginaw arts community 
participating in shows with Pit and Balcony Theatre (such as the Wizard of oz), 
Muzyka! (a local folk/gospel/bluegrass group), and soloed with the Saginaw Choral Society, 
Saginaw Eddy Band, Bijou Orchestra, and the Saginaw Bay Symphony. 
Her senior year of high school she performed a play with the 
Detroit Theatre for Dramatic Arts at the Kennedy Center during inauguration week.  
At CIM she focused on opera and was in choruses such as La Traviata, 
Hansel and Gretel, and Trial by Jury. 

Besides vocal music, Ms. Huebler has learned many instruments and appreciates most forms of music. 
She plays fiddle, ukulele, flute, penny whistles, mandolin, harp, and trumpet and has performed jazz, musical theatre, Celtic, classical, contemporary, 20th century classical, baroque, folk, and even a little country. She studied piano for eight years, organ for two years under Gregory Largent, voice/keyboard with Micheal Brush, voice with Dr. Julie Meyer and Dr. Mary Schiller, choral conducting with Dean David Gilson, and composition with Keith Fitch.  Her compositions have won several awards such as a Michigan Youth Arts Honor Award and one was even premiered with the SBSO and their All-Star chorus in December 2008. Hillary is currently the music minister at Kochville United Methodist Church and works closely with the Staff at Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy
in the Musical Theater Department.

LESSONS $18 per Half Hour paid by the month

NELLIE SCHRANTZ - Violin Fiddle Viola Cello

Nellie Schrantz, violin/fiddle/viola/cello, 
began violin lessons at the age of six in the Community Music School 
Suzuki Program at Michigan State University and studied 
with Dr. Sue Garber until graduation from high school. 
At the age of ten, Nellie began studying Irish fiddle and dance. 
Nellie has a BA in Violin Performance with a concentration in Bluegrass from Denison University where she studied with Dr. Andrew Carlson. 
In 2010, she graduated from The University of Texas at Austin 
with a Masters in Music and Human Learning. Currently, 
Nellie is the orchestra director at Heritage High School and White Pine Middle School. She is a registered Suzuki teacher and works 
Saginaw Strings program. 
Nellie currently performs with the Irish group Monday's Supper. 

LESSONS $18 per half hour paid by the Month



Dennis Lowe brings a lifetime of honoring Scottish musical tradition on the great Highland bagpipes.   He grew up listening to bagpipes and Scottish song in his home environment.  Recruited by his elementary music teacher to join the school band, he agreed only if he could play the bagpipes.

Playing pipes since he was fifteen,  his leadership and teaching abilities were recognized almost immediately as he was asked to become the pipe major of his first pipe band after only three years of playing.  He played for the Sons of Scotia pipe band (no longer in existence) for ten years, serving as pipe major for five of those years.  He played with the Windsor Police Grade 3 and 4 competitive band for two years before being asked to lead the Windsor Police Grade 5 band as pipe major for four years.  He just recently led the Flint Scottish Pipe Band as their pipe major for the last eight years.   During his time as pipe major, his bands won the U.S. Open Grade 4 and Grade 5 championships, the North American, the Canadian Open, the Ontario SE Open, and the Atlantic Open championships.   He is presently traveling the state playing pipes and hand percussion for the Celtic band, EQUINOX.

 Dennis has been teaching students to play highland bagpipes for the past thirty years. Focusing on teaching students proper technique and good musical expression,  he believes it is better to learn to play a few tunes very well than to play many tunes poorly. 
The bagpipes are not an easy instrument to learn, but are well worth the effort.  Dennis has taught students of all ages, from seven to sixty-seven.  Students begin with instruction on a practice chanter (approx. $50) and the College of Piping tutor book #1.  Students who are diligent will be ready to move from the chanter to the full bagpipes (chantor and drones) in a year or less.  This year allows students to determine if aptitude and interest are present before investing in a full set of pipes (a major investment).  After this year, students will be prepared to continue one-on-one instruction, to enter the world of competitive solo piping and pipe bands, or to begin learning tunes as a ceilidh piper. 
Students could also choose to move on to playing other types of pipes such as uilleann (Irish) pipes, border or parlor pipes, etc.

OPEN SCHEDULE  $18 Half Hour

JEAN MARIE LEARMAN-LOWE Whistles-Flute-Concertina

Jean Marie Learman Lowe
JEAN MARIE LEARMAN-LOWE is not only a Fabulous Musician and Teacher but she has been a Dear Friend for many years. She comes to us here at The Crow with and Extensive history of Both Music AND Teaching! She has been a LIFE LONG Musician, a native of Harbor Beach Michigan, she was drawn to music through her Scottish Ties and has become
a Key Member in one of Mid-Michigan s Favorite Celtic Bands, EQUINOX,
and also with Jean Marie and the Lads and Le Compagnie.
She currently is touting 5 Irish CDs with Equinox and 2 of her own!
A Teacher by Trade at Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy she is completely at home with Students of all Levels and Ages. She is an accomplished Songwriter and Musician Teaching
Whistles, Flute and English Concertina 
She is also available for Vocal and Performance Coaching!
See more on Jean Marie at

Open teaching schedule
Lessons $18 Half Hour