Monday, January 30, 2017

ZIG ZEITLER Master Staff

Zig Zeitler is part of our Master Staff.

He teaches all Stringed instruments as well as Harmonica, 
Percussion, and Accordion, specializing in Guitar, Banjo, Bouzouki, 
Mandolin, Bass and Ukulele.
Zig has been a full time Musician and Teacher his entire life, devoting himself 
to not only the performance of Music but to the Education of it.
He has been teaching for more than Forty Years, bringing to his students 
an unprecedented talent to share and pass on as well.
Zig has an attitude of commitment that is inspiring to any student of any age and teaches students by example that learning is a lifelong process and shares very often his own experience as a "Student" of many great players himself.
He is currently studying Mandolin under the Iconic Player, Andy Statman in New York.
With 22 CDs to his Credit,  Zig is still a Touring musician, and sporadically he can be gone for a week. When this occurs students are notified in Advance and makeup lessons are scheduled either before or after the missed date.

He is currently taking a limited amount of New Students 
for Private lessons 
and also has a limited amount of Slots 
available for Band Classes.

His teaching schedule is Tues through Thursday with occasional exceptions for Fridays.
Lesson Fee is $20 a half hour and paid by the month

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