Monday, January 30, 2017

Meet our Staff

WELCOME to The Crow Staff Page!
Below you will find flyers showcasing our Teaching Staff
and all of the Folks that Volunteer here TIRELESSLY! New Posts will be coming up shortly so please be patient and check back often! If you are interested in Becoming a Crow Volunteer GREAT, I will be adding a post on that as well but in the meantime just Call us.. I promise we wont BITE!

ZIG ZEITLER - Guitar Banjo Mandolin 
Bass Harmonica Percussion Accordion

SIUSAN OROURKE - Vocal Performance -

Workshops in Songwriting - Community Singing - History of Ballads

JIM FRENCH - Piano Keyboards

HILLARY HUEBLER - Voice and Vocal Performance Beginning Piano
MIKE CURTIS - Drums Percussion all Band instruments
NELLIE SCHRANTZ - Violin Beginning Cello
JEAN MARIE LEARMAN - Whistles - Concertina
Vocal performance

Full bios below

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